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Aggressive Representation From A Former Criminal Prosecutor

When you enlist the help of a criminal defense lawyer, experience makes all the difference. You need an attorney with vast knowledge of the justice system as well as both federal and New York law to best prepare a defense on your behalf.

As a former prosecutor, Joseph M. Ahearn has decades of experience on both sides of criminal trials. Located in Troy, the Law Offices of Joseph M. Ahearn is committed to defending the rights of New Yorkers, no matter what criminal charge they face.

Why Former Prosecutors Make The Best Defense Attorneys

Choosing a criminal defense attorney can be complicated — where do you even start? Some attorneys boast about being a former prosecutor, but how much does that really matter? Here are some of the benefits of having a former prosecutor as your criminal defender.

  • They have been through this process before (many times): Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a former prosecutor by your side is experience and knowledge of the justice system. Attorney Joseph Ahearn has seen numerous criminal trials play out, and understands precisely how they operate, giving him trusted insight into planning your defense.
  • They understand how prosecutors build their cases: If your criminal defense attorney has never been a prosecutor, they may not be able to foresee the prosecution’s strategy. This could put you at a disadvantage during trial.
  • They know the local courts and judges: Courts and judges each have a unique track record when it comes to certain kinds of cases. By having a thorough understanding of local courts and the judges that preside over them, Joseph Ahearn can better anticipate what defense will work best for your charge.
  • They have often earned the respect of their peers: Former prosecutors, especially successful prosecutors, often leave the field with the respect of their peers. This can often lead to more favorable settlements and a better chance at reducing your sentence through negotiations with the other side.

Time is of the essence when you are charged with a crime, and knowledge and experience are key to reducing or eliminating the charges against you. Call the Law Offices of Joseph M. Ahearn at 518-272-6600 to get started, or schedule your free consultation online.