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What To Do If You’re Pulled Over For DWI In New York

Getting pulled over for drunk or impaired driving can be scary, especially if you have never been pulled over before. Even if you had very little to drink, there may be enough evidence to impose significant fines and penalties against you. Before you panic, here are some tips on what to do if you’re pulled over:

  • Treat officers with respect: While law enforcement can often be aggressive and impatient after pulling you over, be sure to still be polite in all interaction with the police. This helps to avoid any further complications that may arise out of spite, and could allow us to work with them during your case.
  • Consider taking the sobriety test: New York has an implied consent rule, meaning that by driving behind the wheel it is implied that you agree to take a sobriety test when requested of you. You have the right to deny, but you could face immediate charges and the revocation of your license, which could be more severe than what you would face if found guilty of drunk driving. Even when the results are not in your favor, an experienced criminal defense lawyer knows how to dispute the results.
  • Do not admit guilt or agree to a search: What they say is true — what you say may be used against you. If you admit to driving while intoxicated, that gives you little wiggle room when building a defense. Alternately, if law enforcement asks to search your vehicle, that means they require your permission to do so. And what they find in your vehicle will only make your case worse.
  • Contact an attorney: Accepting the charges or defending yourself are possibly the worst courses of action you can take in DWI cases. As a former prosecutor, attorney Joseph Ahearn understands the tricks that law enforcement will use to not only prove your guilt, but to maximize the charges against you. With proper representation, you can minimize or eliminate your charges, and protect your record for the years to come.

The Consequences Of A DWI Conviction

The consequences for DWI in New York are among some of the least forgiving in the country. Your first offense could result in having your license suspended for anywhere from six months to a year, as well as hefty fines and possible jail time. Each subsequent charge has even harsher consequences. And for nearly every DWI charge, you will have to take a drunk driving education course to get back on the road, and will have to deal with the burden of an ignition interlock device (IID) for the months following your incident.

Should your blood alcohol content (BAC) be above .18, your charges could spike, as you would be eligible for aggravated DWI charges. These charges could have double the penalties of the usual DWI charge.

Your best bet when charged with DWI is to consult an experienced criminal defender immediately to defend your rights and start building your case. Located in Troy, the Law Offices of Joseph M. Ahearn has aggressively defended numerous clients against DWI charges — often reducing the charges to something less severe, or eliminating them entirely. Do not hesitate to call 518-272-6600 today, or reach out online to schedule your free initial case consultation.